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tted such interc▓ourse innocently to both.Th●at tall form bowed, as stricken ▓by a mighty wind: a moment, and he ha●d caught her to his bosom, ha●d murmured some inarticulate words, ▓and a burst of passionate weeping convul▓sed his frame.Ere the parox

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ysm passed, he▓ was alone; soldiers, officers, ●

Constance, all were gone. Chapter 5 It was no●on; the brilliant sun of Italy poured its golde▓n flood through the high pointed c▓asements of a small private chapel, in the ▓citadel of Barletta, which had been set▓ apart for the sole use of Gonzalvo de Cordova▓

, his family, and personal atten●dant

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s.It was lavishly decorated, seem●ing in all poin

ts well suited to the▓ establishment of the great captain.He▓avy brocades, worked in gold a●nd silver, hung from the walls, sha▓ding many a shrine, of the same precious ▓metals, where saints, Virgin, and▓ Saviour were all blazing in gems.A cloth o●f gold covere

d the altar, which● stood just beneat

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h a gorgeously-pa●inted window, that when lighted

up, as now, with● the sun of noon, flung down the most brillian▓t colouring on floor and wall.This day a ●rich carpet of superb Genoa velv●et covered the mosaic pavement at the foot of t▓he altar, and decorated cushions seemed t●o denote that some unusual cerem

ony was● then to be performed; while

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    the number of su▓mptuously-attired nobles, Spanish, Fr▓ench, and Neapolitan, alread▓y assembled, and the private chaplain▓ of Gonzalvo, missal in hand, behind the altar,▓ wi

    th his priestly attendants, procla▓imed the hour at hand.The gre▓at captain himself was prese●nt, magnificently attired, lean

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    i▓ng on his jewel-hilted sword, wrapt it se▓emed, by the fixed repose of his countena▓nce, in deep meditation, which n▓one present chose to interrupt. ▓ The interest incre

    ased tenfold when, a●ttended, or rather guarded—few could ●tell which—Luigi Vincenzio, att●ired with some care, but deadl

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    y pale, be▓aring an expression of fearful internal ago●ny on his countenance, slowly ad▓vanced up the choir to the altar.T▓he gaze of Gonzalvo moved not fro●m him; serious i

    t was, yet scarcely st●ern, and the tone was calm in which he said●, “We have heard, Signor Vincenzio, you acc●ept the con

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